Hallelujah; its a new day!

We are live!

We are excited about our new day. Much excitement leave us almost breathless.

It is our start. The start of a good and beautiful thing.

And like all beginnings, we are full of hope and zing. But there is a dash of fear trying to rear its head somewhere under the surface. It is the fear a lot of us know so well.

The fear that stop dreams and abort destinies. Those little demons that perch on your nose and question your worth and value. That voice that slide into your head and tell you,

“Look around you, its a cesspool of failure. So and so tried and failed. What makes you think you will succeed? Its not like you are some very special being.”

Or the one that tells you, “Its an untraversed path. No one has ever walked this road before. There are wild animals and quicksand down it. You won’t survive. We both know your strength level isn’t that fantastic.”

These voices are sometimes very loud, they’ll make you ‘swerve’ your head, side to side, front and back, triple-checking if those around you can hear it too.

Some are thorough enough to show up with evidences.

But we know the difference between a true statement and a false statement. We can spot transference easily!

We know you are strong! Even certain weaknesses are strengths in some quarters and context. So don’t let fear stop you. We won’t let it stop us either. We’ll keep smashing its head with our studded d’Orsay heels, while we continue to march forward, serving you quality entertainment, life transforming stories, insightful articles and no holds barred interviews.

We love fashion and beauty; they make life more attractive, so we’ll be bringing you edgy fashion editorial too.

Our opinion pieces will show the highest level of objectivity, yet we come ready to question norms.

So, stay with us. You will totally love us. We will become your daily necessity.

Meanwhile, isn’t it a great day to hold your hands up and jiggle,…and swirl?

We believe it is a perfect day to break into deep, un-stifled, laughter.

Yes! Keep laughing.

Stay happy. We are here.

Image Credit: lapromoving.net

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