Do you agree? Tara Durotoye suggests a “circle of accountability” can help you avoid a relationship ditch.

Away with all the negativity that trail female-female friendship stories these days. Tara believes your friend can help you avoid a no-gooder romantic relationship.

In an Instagram post, the Beauty Entrepreneur wrote:

“(I) Had a chat with a young friend the other day (and) this was my advice to her;

Enjoy the butterflies…. Enjoy every moment, but look out for the tell-tale signs. They are always there! (Tell-tale signs for) the good, the bad and the ugly (traits your love interest possess).

(Now) Besties, this is the time to hold each other accountable.

Besties, ask the hard questions from your besto because as we all know, when your bestie is miserable so are you!

Ask her, “What is the good, the bad and the ugly (traits) of this (your (new) boyfriend)”

Pay attention to (your friend’s) answers. Document them and remind her when she decides to say Yes.”

Her suggestion seems to take care of the fuzziness of minds in love and the unmindfulness from desperation, but with so many stories about the evil-jealous-enemy-posing-as-best-friend, will you give such access/power to anybody? And as a friend who has been given such power, will you “enforce” it with all the risk involved?