“Celebrities are people too”, Chrissy Teigen schools Trump…and Trolls…and Haters

President-Elect of the United States of America, yesterday, during another moment of tirade on Twitter, called out “A-listers who are wanting” tickets to his inauguration into office. He tweeted:

And Chrissy Teigen, model and wife of R&B artiste; John Legend, was irritated by the statement, just as a lot of other people were; as the case always is when Mr. Trump tweets, considering his brashness and belligerence. But, unlike “other people”, Chrissy, who has been outspoken about her disapproval of Mr. Trump as President of the US of A, shot back in a manner that made every other response unneeded. She tweeted:

A report by the Dailymail states that, “Trump has been having trouble booking acts for his inauguration”, and “was apparently attempting to hype up the big day”.

Ultimately, while her, “Hi-we are people”, was directed at Mr. Trump, it transcends to a bigger audience who sometimes forget that those in the public eye are humans too.