What Franca Sozzani thought of fashion and beauty

Franca may have passed to another realm, but her role as the overall team lead of Vogue Italia; a major fashion and beauty brand, for a little to thirty years, a position she occupied till her passing, makes her sayings and thoughts on fashion and beauty weighty.She’s quoted as saying these on different occasions:

“Fashion isn’t really about clothes,” she said, “it’s about life.”

“…If you are superficial; if you want to be part of this glamorous world — that is only apparently glamorous — you completely lose yourself, because there will always be [people] younger than you, more beautiful than you, more talented than you. So you’re just running in the wrong direction and you (will) get lost.”

“The mistake that we’ve made is that everyone looks the same. Everyone is Natalia: Natalia V., Natalia C., Natalia Ch.”

“This is where I feel guilty: We’ve given only one way to be beautiful.”

“I don’t really like male models. They’re boring, so I don’t care what they do.”

“Why should these women slim down? Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine”

“I’m really against Botox or any facial injections—it changes the face. I
think if you really take care of your skin, you will age in a better
way. Aging is normal. My face shows my life. It’s better to age with
dignity than to age with these fake cheeks and lips, or eyebrows up to here.
They can look like burn victims. I understand surgery more, because
I’ve seen things done in a very nice, imperceptible way. I’ve considered
it, but I’m happy as I am.”

“Of course there are different types of beauty, but when someone is beautiful, they are beautiful.”

“I happen to think people are more interesting when they look ugly.”

“I’m looking to find another definition of beauty.”

“I prefer my face to look natural. Makeup like foundation feels like it’s suffocating my skin. Everyone’s skin is different, but I just don’t like wearing it.”

“I feel the same way about style that I do about beauty: I want to be myself. I don’t care what’s in style or not, I’m not a fashionista—I’m a person with style, who wants to keep her style.”

“It’s important to feel like yourself.”

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