Jesus cannot be your boyfriend -Pierre Alex Jeanty, the founder of Gentlemenhood

According to him:

“It is perfectly fine to say, “God is all I need”, if you plan on staying single for the rest of your life. However, something is off when this is done in pretense; when it is being said with lips of resentment, or when it is said in the spur of the moment. Jesus cannot be your boyfriend as His love is beyond that type of love. It is not healthy to pretend one does not desire romantic love, or need it, because of pain caused by one person in the past. Keeping God first while being single is perfectly fine, but no one should use, “all we need is God” as their answer when speaking about relationships, while deep down desiring and praying to find that special someone”

Let God be number one, but don’t make Him out to be, “the boyfriend you need”, simply because the romantic love you desire hasn’t come. Be obedient to Him but stay away from that “super spiritual” pretense.

He’ll honor the pure desires of your heart, so stop pretending like you don’t need anyone.”