INSPIRATION: Work that thing and seize the year

The party is over. The race has begun. We’re three days deep into the year already. That is three out of the 365days 2017 is made up of. So, we have 362 days left, before we are swung into another auditing season. A season that, most times, leave most people feeling under-achieved and regretful for all they could have done but did not, or all they could have done better in but failed to give their best effort to. And a lot were feeling that way, until the aroma from Christmas cooking hit their nostrils. For some others, it was the swirl and bubble of a certain liquid in clear glasses that jerked them out of their soft self-loathing.Now the party is over and another race has begun.

What are you going to spend your time on, this year? Who are you going to be, this year? What will you become, at the end of this year? What will your quality of life be, by the end of this year. And what will you do for your world this year?

It all starts now. The race has begun.

362 days may feel like a lot of time in our hands, but it isn’t.  The seemingly slow tick of the seconds may lure one to settle into a state of non-threatening, low-pressure, sleepy mode, but there isn’t enough time to breath, be beautiful and productive, in full capacity, all at once, before the year comes closing on us again.

So get right up. Spring on your feet. Draw out your plan. Map out your strategies. Schedule your time. And get right to work.

You may need to get an education this year. You may need to learn a skill this year. You may need to let go of a business and start a new one or get a job, instead, this year. You may need to change your career or organization where you work this year. You may need to change your crowd and friendships this year.

Success is not for those who will do nothing to achieve it. Neither is it for those who will not do their best for it.

Success is not for complainers or beggars. It is not for those who sit on their butt and expect a miracle. Even miracles aren’t for those who won’t reach out and take it.

To be better, and to have a better quality of life this year, you need to make changes. You need to put efforts into those things which will likely land you in your desired place. And whatever you need to do, now is the time to start it.

Therefore, explore your options. Take a decision. Make your plan. Value your time. And work that thing.

Work it with a strong intention to win. Work it with a desire for nothing but the best outcomes. Work it with all your might and strength.

You are not in competition with anyone, but there isn’t anything wrong with being the overall best.

What the year will be for you, is in your hands. The power is all yours and with the right relationship with God, 2017 will be your best year yet.

So, get right up and run to win.

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