Poll: Will it be odd if a Plus-sized girl received more male attention than her size zero counterpart?

Just a minute. We’ll hear what you think, but hol’up and picture this first; Two female friends. One is plus-size. One is fashion’s ideal size; a size zero. Plus-size friend is getting all the good and fine men, while slim friend is barely getting hit on by the right kind of man. So, slim friend begins to think that plus-size friend is doing certain “unspeakable” things to get these men to fall all over her instead of falling all over size-zero friend according to the ideal scenario society projects. And her friends, who are not friends with plus-size girl seem to agree.

We reached out to certain people for their opinion and these are what they said:

FUNMI: Its not odd at all! Add a bit of confidence, charisma, self-love and intelligence to a nice-looking face and well packaged body, and you have any man tripping. A lot of men tripping, actually.

DORIS: Its all about attitude. You can’t attract a man with a stinking attitude.

ARIT: She and her friends are chalking it down to juju, isn’t it so? They should clear their minds of such trash. When I was at my ‘fattest’, I remember getting toasted anyhow. You see, confidence is the key. In my head, then as a fat girl, I was the hottest big girl around. I think it was that confidence that attracted the men.

LARA: As you can see, I am plus size and I get all the male attention I need. It doesn’t mean I’m not working on my weight, but I am not working on it, because I lack male attention. They just keep coming. So, I don’t think it odd.

BEN: Why put it all under body size? Will size provide the happily ever after men are looking for? Only idiots focus on outer beauty and packaging alone.

TOLA: As a plus size chic my self, I have come to realize that ladies, both skinny and curvy, must invest in their minds. But I have also noticed that I got more dates when I lost some weight and toned up a little.

EFFIO-ANWAN: Personally, when I was big, I had a lot of A-men coming after me. And so, I think, there are men who like skinny girls, and there are men who are chubby-girl-chasers. Maybe slim girl needs to move away from chubby-girl-chasers.

HADIZA: I don’t know about their particular situation, but I’m plus size and I get great guys at the snap of my finger…so there…

ZARA: I think it has a lot to do with personality. I have a lot of male friends that LOVE plus size women!! They just fancy plus size women!!

AWA: Being plus sized myself, I have discovered that it is a matter of presentation. How you package yourself and how confident you are is what will determine what you get. I have gone out with my slim girlfriends and been the one who attracted the most male attention.

ESOSA: Through my various interactions, I believe, a chubby girl can get great attention, but being the one who got the ring, is a different case entirely. Some men prefer to have a chubby side chick than have a chubby wife. They would rather settle for the one that fits the ‘societal standard’ of beauty, even when they actually like the plus sized lady more, because they want to maintain the status in “society’s” eyes.

CHINENYE: My friend recently told me how she met a fine guy she had been eyeing, only for them to become friends and the guy told her that he loves big girls…I guess it isn’t odd.

TUNDE: The problem is with the saying that, ‘men are moved by what they see’. Hence majority of ladies think being ‘skinny’ is what attracts men. The irony is that men are moved by just more than looks, they’ll like to ‘hit it’ when they see you are ‘sexy’, but what happens afterwards has to do with how the woman is able to attract his mind and keep him interested.

ADESUA: We are African women and our men have always wanted us this way; THICK. It’s a culture thing! Infact, I had to gain weight to keep my man. Naija men love women with curves!

CHIOMA: I’m plus sized and I can tell you the attention is out of this world, compared to my slimmer sisters and friends. Even they find it odd!

What do you think? Do share with us.



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