Celebrating Tonye Cole at 50

Just one contact with a person is enough to leave an indelible mark on one’ life.

And many people have spoken of the many impacts Tonye have made on their lives. Impacts that, for some, came about through something he said. While for some others, through something he did. Some of which he knows about. And some he will never know about.


To keep it short, Tonye is not just a co-founder of Sahara group; a leading privately-owned Power, Energy, Gas and Infrastructure Conglomerate, with operating companies active in the downstream, midstream, upstream, infrastructure and power sectors, with presence inĀ  Africa, The Caribbean, Asia and Europe, he is a wonderful husband, a great father, a gentleman, a patriot, a mentor, a philanthropist and a friend.

We, therefore, wish Mr. Cole, a very happy birthday!


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