Veteran media personality; Funmi Iyanda states via a tweet her preference for single-hood over marriage and the “scum association of twitter” won’t have it

Earlier today, Funmi Iyanda revealed she had her palm and tarot card read, and was told she’s not “the marrying type”.

The tweet was misunderstood by some marriage-loving people who resorted to sending her prayer points to reverse/overturn the Psychic’ prediction. So she went back to the platform to explain that she’s never desired marriage and that the Psychic only told her what she’s always known. This resulted to her being twitterly attacked.

See the tweets.

These are some of the replies that followed:



A few threw some questions at her and she willingly obliged:

As confirmed by the following last tweets, Funmi who was at one time married to ex-footballer; Segun Odegbami, and has a child with same, has been talking about her lack of desire for marriage, and her decision to stay single.