What has Stephanie Coker been up to, after her wedding to Olumide Aderinokun?

Just like you, we asked. Not because we’re hungry for a scoop, but because, just like you, we love our girl; Stephanie. We really do. What’s there not to love about Stephanie; the fierce and fashionable go-getter?

So we checked her up and here’s what we found:

Few days after her traditional wedding, she jetted out of town with husband to Cape Town South Africa for their honeymoon.


We’re trying not to, but not going there is hard. Is anyone wondering how hot and spicy this vacation was? Are you also thinking of rumpled sheets?

The probability of having abstinence in the mix, sends images of tensed muscles flashing before your eyes. Surely this wasn’t a get-away for talks alone. What else are you imagining?

Well, after the vacation, she resumed the business of looking good.

You gotta up your game for the husband. You know, cover all the bases. You don’t want to give the other woman any chance to get up in your business.


Summarily, Stephanie is fine.