Here is the real reason behind yesterday’ global women’ march

Its become somewhat clear that not a lot of people understand what yesterday’ women march was all about.

To a lot, who have shared their views with us, the campaign was basically political: They saw it as a rebuff against the newly inaugurated President of the United States of America; Mr. Donald Trump.

While we won’t call it an altogether wrong conclusion, we’ll like to infer that Mr. Trump is a symbol of sexism to the feminism movement. As Mr. Trump, who is the President of the “most powerful nation in the world”, managed to portray himself as one who is, at the very least, disrespectful to women as a group.Therefore, an action by women was necessary to send a strong and clear message to men and boys of the world that women are not objects and possessions, but humans with as much rights as the male.

And in the process to also re-affirm every young girl, letting them know that they have power to change their world and that they are not at the mercy of anyone.

The following signs conveyed the primary purpose of yesterday’s march:



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