Musings of a man-thirsty Christian.

The love Jesus has for us is love at its best. This is the love the Bible says a man should have for his wife. This is the love I want from a man.

Yet, this morning,  I was told to not require the above described kind of love from men, because I’ll never find it. I was asked (I’m afraid to say the Holy Spirit asked me, because what if it was my mind? But I’m almost certain it was the Holy Spirit who asked me), “Where do you want God to get this kind of man from?”

And this isn’t the first time, I’ll be getting this kind of feedback.

Years ago, after praying silently, “I wish a man loved me the way you love me”, the reply had come, almost instantly, “No man can”.

I don’t want to say how ruminating on that make me feel, but I’ll say this, “Is there anything too difficult for God to do?” Can’t He just create one man, just one, to love me the way I want to be loved?

How do you want to be loved, you may ask.

The way Christ loves the Church, I say.

Will it be my fault, if I’ve been “spoilt” by His son’s love for me? How do I, after having known love, settle for what these men are offering me?

Now they’re saying lower your expectation, stop seeking perfection from imperfect souls, stop looking for divine love from human hearts, they say there is not a man, beneath the sun, who isn’t tarnished with human flaws.

And I can’t shout loud enough, “I’m not looking for a perfect man.” Solomon loved the Shulamite and, we all know, he wasn’t a perfect man!

As I write this, I’m thinking, if Jesus and I could go to the movies together, if He could call me on the phone and ask how I’m doing, if I could chat with him, and if we could have sex, then I’d be looking at this dwarfed men from the balcony of the Pent-house.

As I think more about this, its beginning to look like a set-up: Jesus loves you, man makes love to you, calls your phone and goes places with you…So, you need them both.

You’ve gotten one (Jesus). You’re required to close your nose and drink the other.

There, you are screwed.


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