The world is just finding out that Pharrell Williams and wife; Helen Lasichanh, welcomed a set of triplets earlier this month.

News of Helen’ pregnancy first surfaced when she attended a Chanel party in Los Angeles, in September 2016, flaunting a baby bump. But who would have thought she was that far gone. And three babies? Did that cross anyone’ mind?

3cb1208a00000578-4176000-image-a-105_1485871933270Most unlikely. The couple, also, did not give any indication to direct people’ mind along that path.

According to the couple’ rep, the babies are “healthy and happy.” But their gender remains a secret.

Now Rocket; Williams and Lasichanh’s firstborn son, who is eight years old, has new playmates. More than he imagined. Or is it possible he imagined it?

I guess, their every night “sleepover” has been awesome. Yay!