Its Valentine season, guys! Persistence will get you everything! Read how Kenneth persistently pursued Munah till he won her heart.

Here’s their love story:

I didn’t know my husband existed until my birthday in 2012. His cousin, whom I had attended university with, used my picture as her DP on BBM…the usual birthday thing.

My husband saw my picture and apparently started to pester her for my number. She called me and told me. I was skeptical because I had been through this before. But she insisted that since he wouldn’t let up on it, she was basically just giving me a heads up. That would be the beginning of who (I had no idea) would be my husband wooing me.

He would call every chance he got and chat me up like his life depended on it.

By October of the same year, it was time for me to get my NYSC Call-up number from school, in Lagos, in order to head to my service state for the year. A close friend, who lives in Abuja, and I, decided to meet up in Abuja before catching a flight together to Lagos.


My husband lived in Abuja at the time too. So while in Abuja, during one of his countless phone calls, it slipped from me that I was in Abuja and my husband would have none of my attempts to dissuade him from meeting up. He finally broke me and I agreed to meet him but only if my friend could be there.

As soon as I set eyes on my husband that day I whispered to my friend that he was wasting his time. In my mind, I could never picture myself being with someone like him because I was accustomed to dating guys on the buff side. Vain, I know.

Fast-forward to early 2013, I had been posted to Akwa-Ibom State for my service year and had begun teaching at a public school there. My husband still continued to pester me with too many calls and messages all day long; most of which I would ignore or mumble my way through.


One fateful day, I noticed that my phone had not registered a single call from him. I had gone to work and come back still not a single call or message. I started to grow anxious thinking something had happened to him. At dinner time, I decided to call to ensure he was okay. On the first ring, he answered,

“Finally! I thought you wouldn’t miss me! Do you have any idea how difficult it was to go through the day without calling you? I had to give my phone to my friend just to keep from calling!”

I was mortified! He tricked me! Worse still, I fell for it!

In a moment of truth afterward, I realized he had grown on me. A few months later, he paid me a visit and that was the beginning of our courtship.

Two years later we were married and not long after that, came our beautiful daughter.



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