Documentary photography; Yagazie Emezi, has had two close encounter with death.

She talks about the recent one. Obviously, she’s still very shaken by the experience. Read what she wrote:

Dance for mi familia (I adjusted lyrics in my head lol). I'm still processing, but this week I had my second close encounter with death. It's almost like nothing happened, I'm fine, but I remember the fear so well and it was a terrifyingly familiar sensation that vibrated through my entire body as the plane I was in rattled and then plummeted out of no where. By the time my laptop rose into the air and crashed by the aisle, I knew it wasn't just turbulence, we were falling. I went into the protective position as best I could while squeezing the hand of the woman wailing next to me because I didn't want the both of us to die alone. Denial was first – this isn't happening. Not to me. Bargaining with God was next. Then I accepted and shakily wrote a note on the airplane barf bag to my family telling them I love them forever and ever. I stuffed it into my backpack and hoped that they would find it when collecting my body. Your life does flash quickly by when your brain starts anticipating real death. But not in its full entirety. Childhood scenes long forgotten popped into my head, laughing as a child, playing with my sister. Then, it was just the thought of death. I hope it doesn't hurt. I thought of all I am yet to experience, thought of the kind of love I still wanted to experience. But most of all, I thought of the love I did have which is the most purest gift to me in this life, my family. And had the plane truly gone down, aside from the numbing fear, I know they would have been in my final thoughts. Anywho, I can feel my anxiety rising now so I'll stop. As my name means, 'May all be well with you', all is well.

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