Meet Awol Erizku; the artist who took Beyonce’ recent maternity photos.

Yea, its a big deal he took Beyonce’ photos. It might be a big deal to some others too. 

Awol was born in Ethiopia, twenty eight years ago, but he grew up in South Bronx, New York.

He graduated from Yale University with a masters in fine art, in 2014.

And while he’s now responsible for the most liked picture on Instagram, he has a humble following on his own social media accounts.

The 28-year-old’ Instagram account is his art gallery, where he schedules and host art shows.awol-erizku-artist-in-his-studio-2016-image-copyright-of-the-artist

His art uses primarily black and Asian subjects.

In 2013 he traveled to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa to explore his parents’ birthplace. There, with the help of translators and pimps, he created a series of nude sex workers posing on the beds of hotels around the city.

He’s also explored the Afropunk revolution in his work, collaborating with Vogue to create a photo series about black hair.



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