About Lady Gaga Superbowl’ Halftime show Performance

Dressed in a sparkly silver, tiered and bold-shouldered, sexy-in-a-techie-way bodysuit and matching high-heeled boots, Lady Gaga was lowered into NRG Stadium in Houston and she started belting her hits to the local audience.

In the very beginning of her performance, the pop artist sang “America the Beautiful” before quickly switching to, “This Land is Your Land, a Woody Guthrie song, widely sung in most protests that have occurred since Trump took office.

Before her performance, she had said, according to USA Today,

“The only statements that’ll be making during the halftime show are the ones that I have been consistently making throughout my career. I believe in a passion for inclusion. I believe in the spirit of equality and the spirit of this country. It’s one of love and compassion and kindness. So my performance will uphold those philosophies.”

And she followed through with her words.

Summarily, the full show was a mix of her popular songs, spanning her career, performed with such energetic zeal that was mildly tainted with competitiveness. And her audience did look like they’re having fun. Social media posts say they did.