If pets could talk, what would Genevieve Nnaji’s dog say?

From an OUTSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE, it might say this on a restful Saturday afternoon.

pet dog2


“…I’m fed and ready to nap. I like the quiet of the house. But the floor is a little too cold. My fur is thick enough. The cold is just thicker than it. I guess I’m going to have to sleep in the nice little basket with white and pink bedding Genie bought me just yesterday… (Wide eyes surprise) Oh, no, I’m not sleeping in that! I love the bedding and all. The thought moves me, but I’m not comfortable with the idea. What does she mean by getting me a nice little basket with white and pink bedding at this time? Its such a suspicious act!!! I intend to avoid that basket with the whole restraint I can summon. I’m getting on that lap, instead. That’s a much cozier place of rest. That’s where I’m laying this head. I’m not old enough to lay on a bed all by myself. It’s perfect it’s just us at home. I wish none of her friends come visiting in a really long time. There’s not enough air here to share with them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my Genie’ friends. Okay, I hate all the male ones. They’re a bunch of humans….pointedly humans. I like the girls better. They’re all just so svelte and exclusive. (Yawns and stretches) Not many humans have it this good. I hope I don’t sleep too deep and end up missing Genie practicing today. I really should get my act together and learn from the mistress herself. You can’t be Genie’ dog and not know how to act! It will be so unfair to have her casting for a dog, when you are right here! I know the mistress is proud that I can dance. I just don’t get why she expects me to know how to sing. She’s always teasing me when I bark, saying I bark like a milk-bred girl. In case you haven’t noticed Mimadame, I am milk-bred. You don’t ever share your drinks with me. So, you see, I don’t have that kind of high! I’m only able to bite because I’m a canine. Thinking about it, alone, makes me so sad right now. It doesn’t cost you a thing to just dab a drop, of that fine liquid, in my parched little throat… I really should sleep now. After this, there’s acting class. There’s food. And there’s that hideous man with his thick ugly glass swiping through my delicate fur. (Sighs) Its exhausting being Genie’ dog. But I like it. Such life,…Commoners’ dogs have no idea…”

photo credits: blazingtrailsk9.com/playbuzz.com


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