3 Nigerian Clothing Brands On Satisfying The Fashion Conscious Millennial

Fashion statements aren't imprecise.


Whether its a spice, diaper, flavoured water or body lotion, brands now seek to meet its customer’ every imaginable criteria. And Nigerian fashion designers are no different. They have learnt to employ the long known secret that customers’ satisfaction is the determining factor to long-term profitability. Hence, their offerings are, most times, a careful assemblage, with the customer in mind, from the stage of conception to when its wearer steps out the door, heading for that dinner with a loved one, a hang-out with friends, or an important business meeting.

Now, designing for millennials require this, even more seriously. And the designer who doesn’t factor in their preference for a fast-paced service that delivers youthful, fresh and edgy, versatile and convenient, yet classy creations, is at the risk of embracing the ground, vigorously.

The latest offering from these brands are pure treats to the fashion conscious millennial. From Frankie & Co’ sophisticated and versatile mix, to Lady Biba’ elegant ladies’ soiree, and Fruche’ fresh and arty notes, the millennial is spoiled for choice, and once again you are reminded that statements aren’t always in words, and fashion statements aren’t evasive. See.

Frankie & Co

Lady Biba