Meg Otanwa Is Holidaying in Massachusetts || See Photos


While its the last days of summer 2017, holiday season is all year round. You can, also, get away in autumn, winter or spring to take some rest with a dash of fun, at the right destination.

Meg Otanwa is taking that much needed time of rest in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, after a somewhat busy year of worthy movie projects.


Maxi dress by @ekazsignatures


Soaking in the therapeutic power of sun, sand and water, the actress’ articles of African-ness combined to produce subtle sexiness in peaceful mien, as she explore sites that tell interesting stories and inspire art.



Top and bottom by @bygeoru



Her fringed pants and bralette by Byge Collections gives her away, telling that the beach isn’t all there is to her holiday, but there have also been tea meetups, lunches and night-outs, making it one big fun experience.



Meg at Oak Bluffs Harbor



On her return, Meg will no doubt be in top energy, ready to take up major movie roles awaiting her, as well as ticking all the boxes on her to do list for 2017, as the year circles to an end.


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