Why Waje is obsessed with this artist’ work

When you look through Ndidi Emefiele’ work, life, defiance, feminization of poverty and girls who keep the key to their own fun stare back at you.

It is possible to tell which one of these items will be more attention-grabbing to any particular individual; from an understanding of their personality, experiences and mindset. But Ndidi Emefiele’s work is an adroit tie-in of materials and stories painted to stir different emotions on different days, depending on which layer of the picture is apparent that day.

That is what makes her work appreciated. Every exhibition and posting on Instagram has received a like from popular personalities whose eyes and ears for art is attested as impeccable.

In that group, Waje stands out colourfully. She gives the most commendations. “I’m saving for your art. Obsessed”, she said on one post. You might think same, after seeing these.