Today’s Verve Tweet! Don’t Let The devil Manipulate You Out Of God’s Plan For Your Life

God's plan for you is good, not evil.


The devil is a master liar. He will come at you with many tales. Tales that may bear some resemblance to the truth. And tales that appear rational.

His strategy is simple: Take the truth, and twist it to serve his mission. And his mission is also very simple: All he wants is to get you to lose your faith in God. Therefore, you have to learn and know, for yourself, God’s plan for your life, so that you will be able to easily identify the minutest deviation from that truth, the devil may try to use to swing you off of your faith.

Never forget or doubt this: God’s thoughts for you is 100% good, and He loves you, whether you love Him back or not. And whether you believe in His existence or not.

DameLisa loves you too. I guess you already know that.