5 Incredibly Elegant, Yet Unfussy Wedding Dresses You Should Add To Your Shortlist.

They're all Suzanne Neville. But that's just an aside.

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My family, maybe yours too, isn’t quite over cousin Jane’s wedding. Its an event we chuckle about in closed groups. Not the event per se. But cousin Jane’ ostentatious wedding dress! She went all out with couture that ended up forbidding her groom anywhere within two feet of her. Her skirt spread arrogantly stiff around her, such that when the Preacher said, “You may kiss the bride”, her groom went legit confused for a bit (to the amusement of the congregation) before figuring out, each had to reach for it with their upper bodies only. Thank God for change of clothes, their dance wasn’t ruined.

We are not saying ornate can’t be done right. Hey!!! There are several trails of elaborate wedding dresses which have added to the glamour and joy of the day. But simplicity carries the nucleus of classy undated style. Without tears, too. Hence, we bring you five elegantly unpretentious dresses from Suzanne Neville’ Bridal 2018 Collection you have to add to your shortlist.

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