Dame Lisa Interview|| Chee; The Songstress, Talks Accepting What She Was Created To Do And Her Love for Monochromes.

“…if Jesus did not die in my place to save me from all I needed salvation from, I wouldn’t even know how much richer the quality of my life would be.”


Take vocal range, for instance. Combine shrills and bellows at cord straining intervals. Stretch notes as wide as your artistry. Bring Jesus in, and hand that mix to Chee. Emotions, most times, yield as melody fortified with the right words, flow willingly through her mouth. Her early days in the spotlight were, matter of factly, stellar exhibiting prominent audiences and endorsements. But Jesus wasn’t always in her lyrics. And her slot isn’t spent. Below is our chat with her. About that and much more.

  • During your early days there may have been a silent conclusion that you were offering circular. Was gospel music always the genre for you?

To God be the glory for the favor He gave me, that got me to the height of a Glo Ambassadorship and performances before leaders of nations. However, the simplest way I can explain my transition is that I finally accepted what I was created to do, which is to worship God in a public space.

  • I like to think of Gospel music as, mostly, a love song to Jesus than anything else. Why is Jesus dear to you?

There is more than enough reason in my life why Jesus is very dear to me. The biggest of them is, if Jesus did not die in my place to save me from all I needed salvation from, I wouldn’t even know how much richer the quality of my life would be.

  • One could say that, for too long, you have made yourself (your talent) exclusive to your local church; House on the rock. What do you say?

By God’s special grace, my gift is much bigger than my local church, but we must not fail to identify the importance of belonging to one, and allowing our grooming process to happen there. House on the Rock is my training ground. Majority of what I’ve learnt about ministry comes from my Senior Pastor; Pastor Paul Adefarasin. He is my spiritual father and my covering in ministry. And God’s timing is paramount. If you haven’t seen me in other capacities and other venues, it’s because the set time isn’t here. I feel I’m about to take off, but I would never forget my training, and the place that the ministry (that is, House on The Rock) has in my life.

  • Along with Frank Edwards, you are offering musical training to others via Instagram. Do tell us more about #Instachoir and why it is important to you at this time.

Instachoir is a direct instruction from the Holy Spirit. And Frank and I are really excited to be the vessels that God chose for this movement. It is literally a platform on Instagram where we have disseminated information about the music ministry, and also conduct choir rehearsals with anyone who joins our Instalive sessions. To the glory of God, we help stir your faith and challenge you to reach for more as a worshiper in general. It is very important to us because we can see lives changing daily, including ours. Plus, it allows us to preach the gospel to an audience we may never be able to reach in person.

“My views come directly from the word of God…”


  • We suspect you have songs in the works. Maybe, plus a possible collaboration with Frank Edwards. How soon will they be available to the world?

Your suspicion is correct. My debut Album, “Jesus Is The Sound”, is almost ready and is packed with life changing songs. I plan to make it available in the first quarter of 2018. Frank Edwards and I have worked on a few collaborations. ‘Here to Sing’ is one of them and will debut the body of work. Expect its Video and Audio in October.

  • How do you have fun? There are people who see the Christian life as boring.

The Bible says, “…all things are lawful but not all things are expedient or wise…” The Spirit of God is my boundary to what is lawful, so anything within what my spirit allows, I would indulge. I recently went to Spain and jumped into the ocean from the top of a yatch. That was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I also love to laugh, so anything that can make me laugh within limits is a plus.

  • Let’s talk fashion, would you? People have unique views about Fashion and Christian faith. What are yours?

My views come directly from the word of God as stated in Philippians 4:8; “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” That is my chosen yardstick. And as you can see the scripture didn’t say whatever is BORING. So if it is boring, count me out…though I tend to gravitate, a lot, toward dressing for comfort, and that sometimes give me a boring or less adventurous appearance, but once in a while, you will see me in something a bit fashion forward so I don’t carry last. I have to say, I love monochromes, its probably the easiest combination.

  • Has your style changed over the years?

It has. As much as my life. I guess the more I grow, the more I take on a less is more style. There was a time everything had to match, like pink eye shadow, pink earrings, pink necklace, pink bracelet, pink handbag and pink shoes. But now I focus more on having a central piece, either my dress or shoes, and then everything would complement.


  • Designers you love? And why you love them.

I love Markus Lupfer.  I’m a t-shirt girl, who likes bling in moderation, and he gives me just that. For a more formal look, I love Marvee. She is very creative. She’s dressed me for The Experience and recently made the gorgeous dress I wore in the video for ‘Here to sing’; with Frank Edwards. I also love KayKuché. Her dresses fit like a glove. And Casa De Tela because she never disappoints.

  • What are your go-to beauty products and beauty routine?

I basically have four must-haves beauty products: highlighter, bronzer and kohl eyeliner from MAC. Fourth product is mascara from L’oreal. My beauty routine involves a lot of water/hydration, very little exposure to the sun or if I must, I use my SPF moisturizer from Christian Dior.

**Stay connected. We’ll bring you more on Chee’ music releases.