Juliet Ibrahim’ Use Of Shoes Is Every Girls Blueprint



A great number of the right shoes, in the closet, is one of the reasons for cheerfulness. That and Iceberg Slim, for Ms. Juliet Ibrahim who has been proving noticeable shoe points. All topped with an avidity for glitz.

Take for instance the actress’ use of this marigold lone-strap sandals with ankle-bow (pictured above) to excite a top to knee sober look. Or her strategic infusion of metallic sneakers, as both a complement and lift to an already fiery combination (Pictured below).


Its applicable to every girl; the right shoe will not only take your look from two to ten, or from ten to extra, it will also add gusto to your steps: You couldn’t help swaying in the right shoes. That’s why it is a global economic problem that the majority of females are yet to afford their own walk-in shoe-closet. Ha!