This Word Accurately Sums Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’ Fawning Burgundy Charm


Not to generalise: when a man throws on a turtleneck, he might do so on a purely basic need to keep privates private, but to the rest of us, life is not that sheer and straight-forward. We always see a layer after the crux. And a layer or many other layers after that one.

So, when a man slips on a turtleneck, his proud show of chiselled trunk will be well read, as will his claim on power and influence, whether substantiated or not.

His willingness to embrace the part of him that is libertine or even villainous will also be noticed.

These are the different opinions among us, on this look of the media personality, in South Africa, during #BAAD2017 (Banky W’ and Adesua….W’ wedding).

From the hat to his shoes and the tilt of his frame, there’s a marked irreverent air toward limits and rules. Fashion wise, of course. Ebuka is almost mouthing, “eff-ing don’t care” and one word ties all these elements in nicely: self-determination.