Bold Or Soft Lips? Here Are Five Side By Side Comparisons


We know that feeling, but no, having a lot of lip makeup is not a problem. If anything, it is having many solutions to one “problem”. And that’s a good thing. So breath and smile because you can switch it up, anytime, however you like it, depending on your mood or the overall effect you want to achieve. Bold or soft, you have the options right in front of you. So which would it be? Red or faded pink? Hot chocolate or nude?

Either will be beautiful.

Bold lips draw more light and definition to the eyes, as well as the cheekbones, drawing the face together, in the process. And soft lips give a natural allure that is innocently sensational.

Below, from a top celebrity make-up artiste in Nigeria; Jide of St. Ola, here is five side by side comparison of bold and soft lips.

There is simply no incorrect choice, when it comes to makeup…. so long as you know how to work it.

Photo credits: instagram/jideofstola