With This Single Look, Toke Makinwa Dishes Four Rules To The Baby-Girl Lifestyle.


Baby-girl-ing is a parade of white trumpeter swans, against a lush green background”

A dry joke and an inaccurate portrayal, Felicia. But we’ll take the white trumpeter swans and the lush green background to use as props during a baby-girl’ photo-shoot.

Highly esteemed baby-girl of life; Toke Makinwa, posted these photos on Instagram. From it, we extract for you; young baby-girl, four hidden rules to the baby-girl lifestyle.


  • Inner wear can be outer wear, therefore keep it chic and clean. Get pairs trimmed with laces or hundred percent lace, and wear in or out to fire up your allure, as well as confidence level in the same way as Toke’ Zara pair.
  • You need Jackets, for warmth and for influence. Colourful ones will inject vibrancy to your aura, but basic blacks are really a must. Jackets can influence the outcome of your meetings. And you don’t want to be caught in a storm without your jacket on.
  • Say what you want. How will you receive, if you don’t ask? And what’s the worst that could happen when you express your thoughts? Thankfully, protest Tees and bags take the words right out of your heart. So, us too, Toke: We need love and Wifi.
  • Wear the right shoes. The wrong ones will inhibit your growth. And growth is required of every #babygirl. It is also a key to your happiness: The sparkles of Toke’ sequin embellished Balenciaga sandals adds caution and importance to her steps, raising the likelihood of success as much as adding more light to her essence.