Are You Ready For A New Album From Frank Edwards?

2018 is the year you want to track Frank Edwards up, and kiss him, long and hard, on the forehead. Don’t go looking for what’s wrong with that statement, because you have the mind of Christ, instead be as excited as we are, as Frank has announced he’s releasing a new album on February 14th.

He wrote on his Instagram page,

2018 . I will give the world a new sound from a very deep place . FEB 14th New album #10timesbetter #Notbypower  #perfection  #promotedbyGrace #supernatural      #iwilltakethewholeworldanddeliverittoJESUS

From the tags, Frank is promising a Holy Ghost hit-filled album that’s ten times better than all his previously released albums put together.

This is in agreement to God’s word that 2018 is a 10-in-1 year for the members of Believers Loveworld Incorporated, aka Christ Embassy; the international assembly Frank attends.