Beauty Crush: Zynnell Zuh’s Blonde Coffee


A lot are curious about Zynnell Zuh’s beauty regimen. But she’s busy and endorsement deals are a major source of income to actresses.

The deftness of her looks has our hearts right now. The above, in particular, has us thinking that the business of beauty shall stay profitable forever.

Here is the anatomy of the look.


Zynnell’ growing-out blonde lob sits confidently, coming off as a statement of refinement. Its colour adds to the almost melting-brightness of her face. And its sleek fall down the side of her face, framing it in the process, acts as a trim that’s there to highlight, rather than outshine other features.


Beauty is not perfection. Nor uniformity. Her brows play their part as intended; in an offbeat manner.


Kohl + piercing iris (contacts) + a wisp of pale pink = Striking eyes.

(Sniffing back non-existent tears) And when she looked at us, our knees grew weak.


Earthy sensuality is a character of brown. Its interplay with her golden skin is expressly satisfying.


The right glow at the right place, atop the right colour of makeup leaves it irreproachable.

(Below) Zynnell’ highlighted fringed-lob could be your look for the next coupla days.



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