Here’s A Week-Worth Of Right Shoes And What Happens When You Walk In Them.

I have many stories about being in the wrong shoes. Like one time I was grossly distracted by an usher on an oblique heel in church: I could barely get any worship in. I won’t travel back there; its depressing thinking about them, and much worse being in them.

On the other hand, the right shoes are parcels of excitement. They make each click of your heel an assertion of faculty. You can make them a private soundtrack for your daily personal runway.

Go ahead and picture it: the light is overhead. Bright and perfect for photos. White-walls enclose the space and glassy floor stretch infinitely ahead. Your destination is the office at the prime floor. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck… sashay and have the world fixated.

Wearing the right shoes make walking lush and alluring. They give cadence to steps and could be the sole source of the bright and happy notes in your day, and the serene glow of your evening.

This is our chronicle of walking in seven right shoes by Jimmy Choo.



To Where: Church.

Paired With: A mini bejeweled satin bag in black and an above the knee hanging dress in wine, featuring lots of room for air and two splashes of coral patch pockets.

Diary Notes: Worship was a little more intense than last week’s. I guess its true what they say; “The higher the shoes, the closer to God.”



To Where: Negotiations with a Business Broker.

Paired With: A rich black briefcase/tote and a smart black pant suit.

Diary Notes: Vibrant colours are sirens!!! And Musa isn’t astute and difficult, like they say.



To Where: Brunch with a friend visiting Lagos for the first time.

Paired With: A fringed floral baby doll dress and a colour-block triple treat wallet.

Diary Notes: Write about men who read sexual meanings into everything a woman does.



To Where: Presentation at a client’.

Paired With: A paneled grey tote and a banded delicate white jump-suit.

Diary Notes: Class is one reward of effort. A standing ovation is another.



To Where: Field work/Project execution

Paired With: Messy bun, white over-sized shirt and jean shorts.

Diary Notes: Don’t ever leave home without a bottle of water, especially when you are in a comfortable sport shoe.



To Where: Date night.

Paired With: A seaweed body-con and a seaweed cross-body clutch.

Diary Notes: *Dear Diary, this is written a day after….I couldn’t take my eyes off of myself. Neither could Bae….



To Where: A garden/shopping party

Paired With: A sangria romper.

Diary Notes: Mom was right. Those who say you can’t sit with them, will circle your table, someday, trying to sit with you…



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