This Yemi Alade’s Grunge Look Turns Alternative On Its Head

What if we all dressed like this?

img_1780Take away that jean bralette, and what you’ll have is a black strapless bra, under that sheer high-neck top. Can we all just go home now?

Actually, no.

For so long, Yemi’s preference for unpopular fashion has been a subject of unwritten blog posts, but this mix of coquettish chic and 90s vibe provides a near-convincing marketing to the strongest opposition of clean style.img_1781

With a cute grit, her golden blonde hair and studded glasses co-mingle with her beret, her sheer blouse befriends her golden skin, her dark lips flatter her washed-out jeans, and her gold dazzle metallic cut-out sandals off-load glamour to the total combination.

From her head to her feet, we’re considering a lot of things right now.

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