To Mark This Year’s International Women’ Day, Six Powerful Men Speak On The Power Of Women

Womens Day_0

The big boys room is very quiet today, except for a few inaudible sounds and gestures, plus these six distinct voices (below): most powerful men are publicly quiet about today’s celebration of women all over the world.

We could go ahead and interpret their silence as a method of avoidance and a sign of fear; fear of being discovered, and shamed, as perpetrators of crimes against womanhood.

Or we could interpret it as a general lack of appreciation for women, which is an expression of misogyny.

But here, six of them try to warm our hearts:

Paul Kagame; President of The Republic of Rwanda:

Bill McDermott; Multi-millionaire and Business Innovator:

Andrew Holness; Prime Minister Of Jamaica:

Tobi Lutke; CEO at Shopify:

Bill Gates; Business Magnate

Jeff Weiner; CEO at LinkedIn