Lilian Esoro Is A Year Older Today!!! Here’re Five Times She’s Given Us Some Insta-Fashion Envy This Year


Don’t you ask. We won’t tell either, because age is just a number. And since what we have is an eternal life, you will run yourself out counting the years.

And don’t bother trying to guess too, because you will not guess correctly just by looking at her. Remember, God renews our youth and age is no longer relevant in the scheme of life.

However, Hurray!!!! Lilian is a year older today! And God has been good to her.

This year, she’s ladled-out some fashion goodies we just want to feel again and again with our eyes.


  • Angela And The Plush Resort: Give us the hat, the glasses, the blouse, the pant and the bag. We’ll put them in a museum for future reference.
  • Lovely Miss Sunshine: Zesty frills will make most people smile. But to cover another angle, “Where you smiling because you knew some tailors will fail at replicating this style, Lilian?”


  • Two Pets And A Girl: A (Faux) fur cross-body bag as an off-duty fashion item is a statement Lilian wants most girls to be able to make with their own money.


  • Take Me Uptown: You live uptown, Ma’am.


  • The Weekend Fireball: How is it a coincidence that today is Friday?!!! “Lilian, where are we meeting up for some happiness?”

B.E H.A.P.P.Y!

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