These Convivial Photos Of Reese Witherspoon And Storm Reid Are So Meme-Worthy

Oh, my lonely life.

img_1923This is most of us, when your girl has killed a win and you are overflowing with excitement because your girl’s win is your win.

The air was photographed at the New York City celebration of Ava DuVerny’s “A Wrinkle In Time”, in which both Reese and Storm shone in their respective roles.

So this is some of us when we and our friends have killed a win in an iconic project, and we take the spotlight away from ourselves, for a minute, to ooh and aah at each other’s win.
img_1909Reese captioned the photos, “When its Friday and your friend is starring in her first movie”. This writer captions the photos, “Where art thou, oh friend?”

At the end of the day, you want a friend who hugs you with her eyes closed.

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