Are You As Ready As Most Of Us Are, For A Serena Williams Beauty And Cosmetics Line?


You may not have heard:

According to legal documents, Serena Williams; The Tennis bad-ass, has trademarked the name “Aneres” (which is, Serena spelled backwards) to use for a makeup, hair, and skincare company.

Her original intent, when she first filed and got the name rights, was to use it for a clothing line, but it looks like her focus changed and black beauty is about to receive another solution. A grand one, judging from Serena’ track record of exceptionalism.

According to reports, the brand’s product range will include, lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadow, powder, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, makeup remover, perfumes, body lotions, bath gel and soaps, hair shampoo, hair spray and gel, cosmetics cases and makeup brushes.

There, already, seems to be a high-tempo eagerness for the brand’s products, especially her perfumes, skin care, hair care and foundation, which is especially very promising as expectations have it that it might be heat and sweat defying.

We can hardly wait to try out these products, and almost as important, carry our own little pieces of Serena everywhere we go. What about you?