Days Later, And Fashion Girls Aren’t About To Move On From This Cardi B’ Romantic Dress


Cardi B attended the iheartradio awards, days ago, serving kittenish romance in this Christian Siriano Tulle party dress and days later, girl friends, bonded by fashion, are still talking about the look over drinks.

They were gathered around the mini-bar in their shared apartment, killing away the night over light talk and music, when Cardi B’s tongue-out gesticulation happened and in no time, the spotlight turned on the look.


Starting from her parted at the center silky-straight jet-black lob and sparkling high-profile earrings, the girlfriends agreed on the dramatic feel that brought to the combination.

They poured much admiration on the plunging neckline dress with tiered skirt, using sentences made up of words like, “sexy”, “tempting” and “youthful allure”.

The conversation ended with the girls saying that every girl should wear that look or a variant of the look, at least once in a week to flaunt some femininity. And when the beloved gets heated up in the process, she is to take that plus too.