These May Help Him Find You

What? we're just trying to help.


Is there a story to tell here, other than the fact that nobody wants to be alone? Well, except for a few depressing moments, after which the desire for a meaningful relationship will creep in again?

Here, these carefully packaged gems may help your husband find you:

Get out of bed. Open your curtain. Let in some air. 
Splash water on your face. Take a look in the mirror. 
Pry open the hidden parts. Look deep. Look hard enough. 
See the delivery boy on your couch. 
Is his state permanent?
What if you expanded your circle? 
Or move into an entirely new one? 
Its not difficult to do. You just need to learn how to dance. 
And how to work a crowded dance-floor. 
Who can you call up to practice with? Call him
.....if he is single.
Oh come on darling, stop hiding behind your glasses. 
Of course, they add definition to your face, 
but they should also help you see; 
he's not beyond your league!!!
Now, why don't you walk a little straighter? 
and a little taller? 
There's an available and sexy grey hair up at the Pent-house? 
Gosh! Put on some stilettos and walk.
However, this is what I think; you need a work-desk. 
Manicured nails sound better when tapped on chiseled mahogany. 
You should go out and get yourself a new work desk. 
Check out the carpenter on Lane 5. 
He has some nice designs you might like.
...and while you are at it, get all the shades of red lipstick. 
Wear scarlet on Monday.  Apple on Wednesday. Candy on Sunday. 
Wear an eye-liner too, because son of God is single.
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