‘Battleground’ Leading Lady; Shaffy Bello, Was In Ibiza For “Spiritual Maintenance” These Past Couple Of Days

img_2299You’ll feel her peace and sophistication seep through these photos, which were taken while she vacationed in Ibiza.

Exactly two weeks ago, Shaffy announced via the ‘gram that she is,

Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance. To be still. To discover more. To rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. To listen while others speak. Not to ask why, but to know why.

img_2303And days later she began to post photos of her #metime in Ibiza, inadvertently updating her fans about her retreat.

In that space of time, the actress had the right mix of elements required for a quality holiday, viz, a serene environment and posh Cafe:
img_2306Art and a cup of beverage:img_2311A heavenly view from the hotel window:img_2301A lovely dress:img_2300And seaside:img_2308Now consider her “spiritually mended” and “rejuvenated”, ready for more screen action!