Genevieve Nnaji, Having A Father/Daughter Movie-night With Her Dad Yesterday, Is Making Us Ask, “When Last Did You Have A Father/Daughter Time-out?


Genie probably knows you need this inspiration to take your dad out for some chat and laughs and a nibbling of what you love.

She and her Papa had a movie night yesterday. And Genie posted the update delightedly, calling her dad the NzeObi (roughly translated, ancestor-king) of Wakanda.img_2347

Yeah yeah, they may have watched Black Panther and gotten home happier and with a stronger bond. But what we want you to think about right now is, “When last did my dad and I spend some leisure time together?”

Whatever your finding, do something to change that time-gap….just because you are a good person. And we know just the perfect place, with all the right activities you and your dad will enjoy together.