In The Past Couple Of Days, Kiki Omeili Has Shown More Legs Than Her Fans Can Handle


Kiki Omeili’s beautiful transformation to a stylish charmer is happening right before our very eyes.

Over the weekend, while attending the premier of the movie; The Eve, she took the route of the uninhibited, in this plunging neckline number that also offer a clear view of the legs.

Kiki gave out some decibels of hotness by posing for the camera in a sitting position that optimizes the leg-revealing feature of the outfit.
img_2477But that is what you do with beautiful legs, right? Flaunt and stir up the air, overtly or covertly, like earlier in the month, where Kiki subdued the reveal with a black sheer appliqued dress, while attending the premier of the movie; New Money.img_2481