For That Dreamy Look, Style Your Culottes These Five Ways.

Thanks to Amede, Grass_fields and Maju


Culottes have never really left any woman’s consciousness. They’ve just been very quiet. Too quiet for their own good. But lately, fashion girls have been making great entrances with them, thanks to their ingenuity and that of fashion brands who are stoking our appetite for them.

Below, courtesy of Amede, Grass_fields and Maju, we bring you five ways to achieve a dreamy look with your culotte:

Clean Paths

An Amede’s creation. Made from animal printed fabric. Dripping of brown cream and natural fire. Follow suit with the pumps. Keep your makeup clean and your hair sleek.

Cropped Sequence

Grass_fields stoke a fire with this mixture of crop tops and African prints. They use skin and attitudinal high sandals with ankle straps to make this a winner.

Sheer Emblem

This could very well be a corset-worn-with-a-culotte look, but Maju knows you may not want to show off too much skin, at least not every time. Hence, this. You could sweep your ponytail to a side or leave it the conventional way. But wear high sandals; flats will take away from the look.

Big Hair With A Big Heart

This is a variant of “Cropped Sequence” by Grass_fields. It is distinguished by a rich unrestricted hair and the character of v-neck. Skin and high sandals with ankle straps maintain their roles as above.

Monochrome Code

Two tones of pink combine for this good cause by Maju, who also used frills for definition and braids for grace in this culotte look.
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