Comments On Lagos Fashion Week || These Are What Attendees Said About The Presentations


The sullen grey waters of Five Cowrie Creek swung peacefully below the semi-crowded pavement. Whiffs of nicotine traveled through the chattering crowd. Happy sounds rang intermittently from different parts of the gathering. And a girl sat at a corner taking it all in.

It was early evening in Lagos where a gathering of fashion enthusiasts and press formed at Wings Plaza, Victoria Island Lagos, for the Lagos Fashion Week, this past weekend.

Through the three-day program, all the scheduled shows happened except for two on the last day. And these are the top comments from a cross-section of attendees:


Emmy Kasbit

Emmy Kasbit designed with me in mind. I love clothes that 
communicate power and sensuality, all in one breathe. 
And without force.
-Chekwube .L.

Sunny Rose

I don't play safe, both in fashion and in business. 
So I would have loved to see some dare from Sunny Rose.
-Nnedi .A.




I need a new side hustle, just so I can buy as many of these 
clothes as I want. And that is after buying every piece from 
Onalaja' presentation.
-Edith .H.

Mo Agusto

I love the play of colour in Mo Agusto's collection, 
and how she used it to create a simplistic, yet pleasant 
-Labake .A.


Iamisigo brought drama under that light.
I felt entertained and fell in love with some of the pieces 
she showcased.
-Osas .O.
I thought Iamisigo rather unique. I like the hairstyle, and 
story behind the collection. It kind of felt like the models 
were subconsciously absent. I like the really really tight jeans 
skirt that forced a new way of walking out of the model.
-Emerald .O.

Kenneth Ize

I applaud Kenneth Ize' artisanal focus with this collection. 
I left his show feeling like I have to wear Africa more.
-Kehinde .M.
I would wear every collection I've seen so far. I was just 
saying to my friend that it all reminded me of Paris. And I look 
forward to getting for myself some of the pieces I've seen here.
-Ngozi .E.

Style Temple

I want to lay my hands on those pants from Style Temple know the ones? And I also need an excuse to throw a 
party just so I can wear it.
-Betty .U.

Gozel Green

I like the artfulness of Gozel Green. Her creations are uncommon.
It is what I want to see; people being able to express themselves
freely, and not getting reined in by basics.
-Ihuoma .M.


I love the texture, feel and mood of Sisiano's collection. 
I like the exclusivity of it.
-Miriam .C.


Re' collection is quite stirring. Every piece resonates with 
my personality and style. I'll like to say she successfully 
breathe zest into classics.
-Simi .B.
All the designs I've seen are amazing and completely unique... 
I'm not sure I want to see them on the streets, rather I 
want to see them on red carpets and major events. They are 
completely out of the box and not for every one.
-Pascal .K.



Orange Culture

As much as I like Orange Culture' collection and see it as 
majorly suitable for the affluent and aspiring affluent, I am 
also very sad that I am not as adventurous as I should be, 
to wear them.
-Debo .G.




I am mind blown by Maxivive. If you followed the story 
(of the collection) you would see that he was talking about the
fact that there is only one king or queen and that is you. 
That's, basically, telling us to embrace ourselves and appreciate
our own truth. And everyone should start living in the now 
and stop being judgmental.
-Shola Devon
First of all, Maxivive is one of the most fashion forward 
designers in the Nigerian fashion industry...He's on a whole 
new level. And tonight I was really blown away by his presentation.
These are the kind of clothes I'd only wear for some serious high 
profile events. Every piece just looks like money and the future;
it was very futuristic and opulent.