Hair Files || Seyi Shay’ Acquired Head Of Hair

Its a big deal. A woman’s hair, that is. Seyi Shay takes hers even more seriously: adopting, on the regular, varied lengths, colours, and textures for mood representing looks and warm touches.

Below, we bring you 15 acquired hair looks the singer has worn that you should wear too.

Delineated Ombre


Combining two bold colours is a move of the confident. You may tame the wild vibes of this raven-black and honey-light ombre hair with a smile, to tear the looker between your hair and your person, just like Seyi Shay in the photo.

Soft Ombre Curls

Not wandering too far off the center, this hair look is a comfort offer for a chic classic finish.

Calmed-Red Waves

This is for when you are feeling dangerously powerful.

Dark Sleek Tresses

Extra sass can come from the most simplistic turn. This is us pointing you to this easy approach to hair, now that you are looking at showing your classy side.

Laced With An Updo


If the hair is yours and the installer did a great job, you should be able to pack it however you like, right?

Here are more looks to choose from:img_2285img_2260img_2276img_2264img_2267img_2277img_2282img_2278img_2252img_2275