Beyonce And Jayz Have Been Married For Ten Years. So, Here Are Ten Photos Of Them That Made Singles Sniffle

Right this minute, someone is saying to me, “leave singles out of your obsession with Beyonce”. But I won’t, because…well…I’m single. And as Bey and Jay celebrate ten years of marriage to each other, I’m going through ten recent photos of theirs, that made you and I sob, and wish for a boyfriend and husband, in spite of that Lemonade story and the confirmation that followed.


The Hand-In-Hand Glide Down The Stairs


This one evokes the same emotion in me, every time. Let’s be real here, alternative truth serves its purpose sometimes, but you’ve dreamt of you and him walking down the stairs, hand in hand, with bouts of grace coursing everywhere.

The Grand Panoramic View Of The City


Yea, there’s that alone-time-to-get-in-tune-with-yourself deep thing, but who are you kidding? I’m single. That means, I’m travelling alone, through time. And when I sit by the window of a high-rise hotel, I am seeing the beautiful city-at-night scene, alone!

The Nativity Dance


How cool is it to be in love with a person who’s in love with you, and be pregnant with children you want with that person, and be together with that person through the pregnancy period, and also get to dance with the bump dressed in coolness under a lit night sky?

The Love Hang-Out


*Single person goes around the office, asking colleagues, “can I sit on your lap”? Please?

The Intimate And Trusted Photographer


You’ve always asked me about this, Lynn. Now, read this. Those vacation photos are the way they are, because they were taken by a stranger; someone I could not make to try and try again, till they got the perfect shot. Someone I could not play-punch if the photos didn’t turn out right! They were taken by someone I have no control with!

Look, this single person is tired (a sign of depression). But the photos continue. So does Bey’s and Jay’s love.