Here Is This Weekend’ Behaviour, Ladies! A Long Deep Soak For The Healthy And Successful Girl

When Ghanaian actress, Zynnell Zuh released these photos earlier in the year; on Valentine’ day, not a lot of people caught on to the message of the photo collective, which is self-love.

Today, we’re taking your attention back to it. Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss it as frivolous. And don’t scoff, either, like many did. See how this could be you this Friday evening after a long day and week.

A nice soak in the bath, with a bottle of champagne and an intriguing book doesn’t just sound nice. It is heavenly. And a good de-stressor.

After a work-week, such as the one you just had, you deserve some pampering. Let this be your first course in a string of activities you have planned for relaxation this weekend. Your skin will thank you. Your mind too.

This is Zynnell Zuh serving your inspiration: