In The Last One Month, Kanye West Has Given Out More Success Tips Than You May Know. Here Are Ten That Can Change Your Life For The Better


Hate him or love him, Kanye West is part of the package for living in the 21st century. He comes as a pretty multi-faceted addition, with the ability to strike nerves or light up a room, as needed. But in the midst of that complexity, if you keep an open mind and pay attention to him, exercising the ability to read between lines and behind words, you will learn or be reminded of life-changing tips that might help you live a more fulfilled life….bustling with lots and lots of designer labels in your extra-extra closet.

Below are ten thoughts he’s tweeted in the last one month, that you should take to heart and watch your life change for the better:

img_3130Call that your step one to overcoming social media addiction and recouping time to focus on more important things like, learning a new skill, doing a job you’re paid to do, building a business, building real and meaningful relationships, etc.


You may not have noticed, friend: The top is full of disruptors. Take a minute and consider how far sticking to the rules have taken anyone. Your organization’s management may never admit it, but that rule-breaker is massively valued by them.


How many times have you been pressured and manipulated into dropping something you feel so strongly about, only to realize, later, the true motive behind the pressure was hate and envy? And how do feel about every opportunity to be happy, or every opportunity to achieve an amazing feat that you lost, because someone or some people whose opinion you value, disagreed and stopped you from even trying? Wanna keep things that way, still?


Health is still wealth, mate. And you can’t solve a problem you are not aware of. A walk outside will take you to a new level of awareness, free you from a stuffy place and present you with inspirations for innovation.


Up your level of confidence. Take more risk. Free yourself from un-explored dreams. There’s something for the world, in what you have to say.


Over-analyzing a situation your gut has already told you the truth about, is such a waste of time.


Would you be working toward creating something new? Taking up a new challenge at work? Or just lounging by the pool? Whatever. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you. Dare. Enjoy the present. Be all that you want to be….as long as your being doesn’t cause harm to another person.


Nor hate. Walking in love will make you and everyone you know and care about, happier.


Stop seeing colour, boundaries and class. Treat everyone with love and respect. The bigger your family, the bigger your network.


New discoveries are made everyday. The world is evolving by the minute. Therefore, don’t ever stop learning.

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