Timi Dakolo Is In The Know About An Abuja Based Pastor Who Is A Notorious Sex Predator

Pastor and Notorious-Sex-Predator should be mutually exclusive terms. Unfortunately they aren’t: You might want to blame the fallibility of human nature, an individual’s lack of self-control and an individual’s lack of respect for others. These tend to be the spark behind the behavior of a certain Abuja-based Pastor, who is rumored to be sexually irresponsible; a philanderer and a sex criminal.

The rumor has stayed a whisper for a long time, until today, when Singer Timi Dakolo; though without the gall to name the culprit, gave it a Celebrity voice.

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We’re also not going to name the culprit or his victims. But we’ll be here to report and give it some VOLUME, when his victims are ready.



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