We Are Reminiscing On This Spring/Summer 2017 Collection That Amplified The Princesses In Us


Saiid Kobeisy 12

Every woman’s inner magnetic royalty was given expression to in Saiid Kobeisy’s spring/summer 2017 collection. Today, going through our archives, we are still as affected as we were when we first laid eyes on the pieces.

See 14 pieces from the collection below; Their elegant show of sensuality mixed with influence is worth this time spent daydreaming.

Saiid Kobeisy 2Saiid Kobeisy 3Saiid Kobeisy 4Saiid Kobeisy 5Saiid Kobeisy 6Saiid Kobeisy 7Saiid Kobeisy 9Saiid Kobeisy 10Saiid Kobeisy 11Saiid Kobeisy 12Saiid Kobeisy 13Saiid Kobeisy 14Saiid Kobeisy 16Saiid Kobeisy 17

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