Five Likely Times Tiwa Savage Could Have Had A Wardrobe Malfunction.


Tiwa Savage’s style diary is a pleasant collage of surprises and elegance, with highs too high to be frequently replicated. And highs only made high by her carriage and persona. However, there have been times when the pop-star stepped out in glam and people who are obligated to love her went into panic mode.

Below, five likely times Tiwa Savage could have had a wardrobe malfunction.

This Asymmetrical String Dress

What does it take to have a tiny string snap on its own, at the most inconvenient time and place? Nothing!!! And what does it take for a fabric to get caught by the corner of a table or chair? Again. Nothing!!!

This Lingerie As Outer-Wear Dominatrix Vibe Dress

Someone’s paranoia may have something to do with this one. But we’re considering lace here. Not wool. Not crepe. And since this was worn to a night club, nipplegate could have occurred as she danced.

This Spicy Laced-up Two-Piece

Pulling strings is as old as earth. Many have survived and are still surviving by the strings they’ve pulled. So, if you are handed some strings to pull, please pull it. Just do it with respect, Thank you.

This Divine Fringed Dress

We know, by the singer’s own admittance, that she had nothing, absolutely nothing under this dress. So,….hey!!! We’re not imagining it.

This Cute Mini Flare

It wasn’t windy in the room. But it could have been. 

And, strangely, this writer’s fear of having a wardrobe malfunction is quieted by the fact that none of those things happened to Tiwa.

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